Worried About The White Discharge Coming From Your Vagina?

Vaginal discharge can be a symbol of a number of factors. It should be made clear right at the beginning that there is nothing wrong with you if you are experiencing vaginal discharge. It can occur at various stages your menstrual cycle. There are three categories in which they have been divided, they are:

Excessive discharge

  • Milky white discharge: This type of discharge is perfectly normal. It means that you are ovulating and have no need to panic. The main function it has is to keep the cervix moist and sealed. The discharge occurs mainly because the body heat. The white discharge is liquefied and flows out through the vagina. You can use a pad to keep the flow controlled. Do not use a tampon as it may introduce the vagina to foreign allergens and bacteria.
  • Thick white discharge: This type of discharge can be disturbing for some women as it is difficult for them to see this change. But most of the times it is perfectly normal for you. As your cycle progresses, your discharge will thicken, though in some cases, it might also be an early sign of the onset of pregnancy. You should know that during a pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes and thick white discharge is to be expected at the beginning time period of it. During this time your vagina is working overtime to keep your cervix healthy, moist and sealed.
  • Excessive discharge: From sexual excitement to stress to ovulation, any one of them can be the cause of it. If you are not having previous experience of it, you might want to consult a doctor (is your discharge brown?). It might be a sign of some complication that you are suffering. It might be because of hormonal imbalance in the body.

Apart from the above mentioned causes, it might also be an indication of sexual arousal. The white discharge prepares the body for the intercourse. Hormonal changes (either increase or decrease) are manifested through it. As long as your discharge is odorless, it is perfectly normal for you.