Why It’s Important To Use A Facial Cleanser And Not Soap

Facial cleansers are basically a chemical-based solution that is used in the face that effectively removes oil and dirt. While these exist, not all people are actually taking facial cleansers seriously, especially men that treat the skin on their face the same as their body when it fact it shouldn’t. Regardless if you are a woman or a man, when it comes to your face, it should be a standard, no question.

While no one will tell you that you should apply facial cleansers in your face, you know what? You should. Not just because facial cleansers are well… made specifically for the face but because ordinary soap has more harmful chemicals that should you know and it makes your face really really dry that makes it prone to itchiness, rashes, and infection. If you still aren’t sold over it, below are the reasons why you should use a facial cleanser in your face and not soap.

facial cleansers

PH levels: Yeah yeah, this might be the first time you knew about this, but you should know that your face has a PH level that it needs to maintain that, in order to be healthy. The PH level of an adult’s face skin is between 5:4 to 5:9 and the soap that you are using right now is 9 to 10 which is alkaline. What does this mean? Put it simply, if the face is more alkaline, it means its more dry sensitive and it makes you look old.

For skin protection: You probably get by now that soap is damaging to your face, and to push that argument further, you should know that having normal PH levels on our skin protects it from possible damages. While your skin has some bad microorganisms in it, it also has some good microorganisms as well. Using soap on your face doesn’t just eliminate oils, and bad microorganisms, your also eliminating the good ones. In short, soap damages your skin so stop using it.

You will feel the difference: It’s easy to say that you don’t feel the difference when you’re having a cleanser versus your favorite old soap, but just observe for a bit and feel the difference after you wash with your soap. Try washing with both and feel the difference, especially when you use facial cleansers often. You will feel beautiful, handsome and have more confidence like you never had before. In all seriousness, you can really feel it.

The fact is that soap is not an all-around solution for your whole body, apparently, it makes your face skin bad. This is because your face is acidic and the soap is alkaline. While soap can make you feel clean and refreshed, it’s actually also damaging your face in the process. If you’re still wondering why you’re not getting any dates, this might be the cause. You know why? Because soap makes your skin drier, make you look older and wrinkled, a facial cleanser can help correct that. Buying one isn’t an issue either since there are a ton of drugstore facial cleanser that you can buy anywhere. If you want to see some reviews on a few good cleansers, visit SKINFAQ for more details.