What A Video Game Software Development Team Consists Of

Admit it, video games changed the way you see gaming. Did you know that video games are software development? It is one of the most popular applications of software development followed by mobile application development, web application development, and web engineering. If you want to know more about these, you are in the right place.

The software is a segment of a computer system that contains computer instructions. Examples of computer systems include digital media, computer programs, online documentation, and libraries. People who are executing software are called software developers. These people are working under a process known as software development for which video game development is a known application.

software engineer

Software development usually encompasses work from envisioning, detailing, designing to testing and bug fixing. These works are essential in maintaining the frameworks and applications of software. In the case of video game development, it has become a lucrative industry these days. This is the result of the rise of online distribution systems and mobile game market.

Due to the complexity of video game development, a development team is employed. The development team can be a small group or a large one. Here’s what a video game development team consists of:


A designer is the brain of game development because they are in charge of conceiving the structure and rules of the game. In large projects, there are different designers in charge of user interface, game mechanics, and characters. These designers often report to a lead designer.


A visual artist is needed to create the art. This is usually managed by art lead or art director. The job of the artist is to conceptualize 2D or 3D arts to enhance user experience. If you see the terrain or the environment, the artist made it possible with the help of animation and cinematic.


Game programmers are often called software engineer. These people develop the video games and generate software that is related to it. They tackle the codebase of the game. They program the game engine to the graphics, gameplay, sound, user interface, network communications, and game tools.

Sound engineer

As the name suggests, sound engineers are responsible for the sound positioning of the game. Generally, they create sound effects. As for the musical score, sometimes it is outsourced but the sound engineer will be the one to incorporate it into the game.


Game tester is perhaps one of the most interesting jobs in the world because you are paid to play. It doesn’t end with playing though. As a game tester, you are expected to analyze the video game and note if there are software defects. In simple term, a game tester is the quality controller.

Game developers can now create games that take less time and can be formed at a lower cost. If you want to make your own video game, you can entrust Velvetech: Software development company. Now that you know the different people behind a successful game, you might want to consider it as a career path in the future. The possibilities of a game developer are endless.