Web Design and Development Best Practices

I have worked with several web design companies to know just what they are looking for in a web designer. Apart from the skills, these companies need web designers or developers that are able to carry out the best business practices within the industry or as an entire profession. It is also with deep regret that I have seen my fair share of web developers who are nothing but bad news. These developers are either not equipped with business ethics or that they are just so greedy to the point that they don’t care about the quality of their service.

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If you’re going to be an aspiring professional web developer, let me tell you right here and now that you need to know about the ethics and practices behind professional web development. This will allow you to build a strong and good repertoire with your clients and also the company that you’re working for.

Focus on quality

There’s nothing more important than to focus and to put emphasis on quality. Remember, what you’re designing will be online for a few years and will be a reflection of your client’s business persona. If it’s a terrible website, it’s going to reflect badly on them. The website needs to look just as good as how it should function. Broken links, sloppy image quality, and poor layout are not something that you want to give your client.


Accommodation is the ability to meet a client’s wants without breaking the website’s design. Yes, I know that clients will always want something unreasonable that could destroy the layout of the site but you have to listen to them. Take the time to listen to what they need and find a way that you can accommodate their needs without compromising the quality of the website. Yes, your client did want a starry background for her business website, but you know that it’s not going to look good. Find a way to incorporate this design without making her website look like a 10 year old child designed it.


Web developers are like pregnant women. They’re bound to experience delays at some point. It could be a coding error or a delay in the design, but whatever the reason is, you need to deliver your work on time. If you are unable to do that, the very least you could do is to inform your clients about why you’re delayed. They will not like it, but they will appreciate that you informed them.

You will not be able to develop all of them at once, but the more you practice them, the higher the chances of you becoming an ethical and professional web developer or even be a part of a roster of coldfusion programmers.