Vibration controllers by Isolation Technologies

Isolation technologies is company established in Massapequa, New York, United States. It was set up in the year 1989. Ever since, it has been delivering quality in its product range. The company is renowned for supplying sound proofing products, vibration control products, vibration isolators and mounts. The company is specialised in noise controlling and vibration controlling products. They are used by the army for executing quiet and silent operations. With the help of the noise controlling devices, it is safer to execute military plans. The application of products manufactured by Isolation technologies is not limited to military. These products are used for industrial purpose.

noise controlling devices

A range of vibration isolators, vibrator controllers, mounts and sound proofing products are supplied by the incorporative. For controlling rotatory movements, mounts are used. Type RA mounts are used for controlling the vibration caused by rotatory movements. The rotatory movements are caused by equipment like pumps, compressors, fans, generators, converters, combustion engines and many more. The standard movement controlled by the Type RA mounts is 1500 rpm. The degree of vibration isolation provided by the type RA is nearly 75% – 85%. If you need better degree of vibration isolation, then you can switch to Type RAEM mounts or type M mounts provided by Isolation Technologies.

The rubber used in these mounts increase the efficiency of the product. They enhance the efficiency by combining shear and compression properties. Dynamic stiffness rates caused due to tight tolerances can be calculated accurately up to a decimal precision with the help of these devices. The load that can be added on the device ranges from 40 kg to 2100 kg. These devices are basically added to equipment to enhance their shock absorbing capabilities. They are attached to make them shock proof. These mounts for controlling vibration caused by rotatory movements are shaped as dome for protecting the device from oil contamination. Type RAEM can be used to control the vibration caused by rotatory movements by large scale equipment like large milling machinery. The products launched by Isolation Technologies are pretty durable. They last up to several years.