Wood lathe is an important electronic tool in the manufacturing industry. Due to its adaptability to a wide range of operations like turning, facing, grooving, threading, drilling, planning to name a few, it finds a very huge application in the furniture and designing industry where a number of designer patterns and furniture can be produced that meet the current market trends and the consumer demands. The machine requires proper skill to be worked upon and it also depends upon a number of factors to choose the best wood lathe for the money that ensures both safety of the operator as well as the optimum productivity.

wood lathe for commercial use

The following are some of the factors that need to be taken care of before finalising any wood lathe for commercial use: –

  • Use- Different ranges of wood lathes are available for different kinds of works, starting from light works to heavy works. Hence according to the work specifications and feed, the optimal and best machine needs to be selected that can meet the target production per day.
  • Machine height- An optimum machine height ensures a perfect coordination between the wooden work piece and the cutting tool and hence gives a better grip to the operator during the work. Hence it acts as another pivotal factor.
  • Speed- Depending upon the cutting speed calculations made by the engineers, a wooden lathe is manufactured within a particular speed range for its safe and optimal performance in the production process and meet the required targets of the project.
  • Weight- Lighter the weight, more will be the flexibility in its repairing and operation and easier will be for the operator to work at a smooth pace.
  • Accessories- The number of accessories, including mountings and gears that are provided with the main structure also determine the maximum size and load of the work piece that the lathe can take and hence become an indicating parameter in the selection of the best lathe.
  • Brand value- Famous brands fabricate the reliable products for the consumers that are durable and adapt to the fluctuating loads easily. Hence the market value of the manufacturer also needs to be taken into account.

NOVA, Grizzly, JET, Shop Fox, RIKON and Jet JWL are the leading manufacturers of wooden lathe for the year 2018. Their pros and cons can be studied easily and hence they make the best wood lathe for the money.