Spend time with your children to make them feel secure

Always be available for your children and carefully listen to their concerns. If your children are small then you should get down on their level. You should speak in a calm voice using the words which they can understand. The young children may act out events which are not comprehended. The teens may shrug off with the disturbing news and respond in a routine way. The children will look to the adults in all the ages of their lives for guidance.So just take a deep breath and approach the mark curry fintech.



Discuss situations:

You should let them know that your love for them is unconditional. Some children will be eager to discuss the situations that have happened. Others may feel it is very disturbing in order to contemplate the specifics of an event. Some children may react immediately while others may withdraw and will only show signs of difficulty in the future. Their needs will vary depending on the age of the children. You should learn how to talk with and help your child after a disaster or traumatic events.

Friendly spaces:

It is very important for children affected by trauma to get back to learning and playing. They can regain a sense of normality in their routine. If crisis spots around the world, the Child-Friendly Spaces are set up by UNICEF through mark curry fintech where the children can get back to their normal life. Spending time with friends or having a quiet place to draw or read will help the children to regain their equilibrium. Talk to children and show the ways they can help others as it will be a vital step to restore the confidence.

Make them safe and secure:

If the children are reluctant to talk about their feelings they may find it easier to write or make art which will help them process recent events.Children are hopeful and resilient when you give your time. You should just follow their lead instead of forcing them.Tell your children that you love them the most. You can remind them that the adults in their life will do everything they can to keep them safe and secure. Give a lot of hugs to your child and plan to spend extra time with them.