Sophisticated San Lorenzo SL 86 superyacht

Yachts have mostly been considered as the luxurious vessel that can only be accessed by multi-millionaire. However, currently is possible for anyone to enjoy this luxurious vessel even just for few days during holidays. Due to the availability of charter yacht, you can find the affordable yacht for your private group vacation.

San Lorenzo SL 86 is one the luxurious superyacht that represents a new generation of the sophisticated SL line. SL 86 superyacht is designed by a fiberglass that features a planning exterior body. It is quite fast since it can reach up to the top speed of 32 knots.

The layout is another tremendous fact about SL 86 yacht. The clients have two options to choose from. The gallery can either positioned at the lower deck or main deck. If a gallery is positioned at the lower deck next crew quarters, the guest and entertainment area at the main deck can even become wider.

luxurious superyacht


After many since San Lorenzo change its profile, the majority of their clients were Europeans especially the Italian. Currently, the San Lorenzo’s customers come from all around the globe including Russia, American, Europe, and Asia. Two alternative layouts can suit perfectly on different markets, hence proves that this Italian ship is builder flexibility.


As stated earlier, San Lorenzo superyachts are mostly designed in accordance to client’s requirements. This includes special needs based on the cultural difference or climate. Thus, SAN LORENZO SL 86 was built under the partnership of San Lorenzo Americas. This expert collaboration was very loyal.

The interior area of SL 86 is truly tremendous since there is always something to admire about each area. SL 86 appearance is stunning and brighter. It provides a remarkable impression as getting on board. Everything looks so spacious with oversized windows that provide sufficient light and the woodwork is overshadowed.

The central point of the salon is worth mentioning, and also so attempting to touch. It is built with a huge panel of curved hand Carrara marble backlight with a LED film creation and so intimate atmosphere at the dining.


While San Lorenzo yacht customizes its final cost, it may vary depending on particular requirements of every client. As the matter of fact, a yacht is simply a piece of art that its price reflects the craftsmen hard work. SL 86 new model is available for 5,400, 000 Euros without VAT.