Rubber Washer Supplier- A Guide

A washer is doughnut shaped piece of hardware which is generally used between the nut and bolt or around a surface to increase tension. Rubber washer is a ring made of rubber which is used in various mechanical devices. Its basic work is to reduce the noise and vibrations by any device. Rubber washer supplier always make sure that the equipment is such designed that it serves you the best.

Functions of Rubber washers

Functions of Rubber washers

  1. Rubber washers are required to prevent leakage of lubricants applied to the equipment like in the faucet valve.
  2. They act as a rubber seal between the two appliances.
  3. They are also used to reduce vibrations caused by the appliance.

Why choose Rubber washers

Rubber washers are preferred over others because they are quite flexible. Compared to metal washers, they are highly durable and resistant to corrosion. For this reason, rubber washers are considered as the best choice for plumbing. It is also the best choice in swimming pools and boats. Rubber washers are also resistant to condensation and thus are preferred in cases where there is a bit of heating or condensation required.

Rubber, as a material itself has high insulating property and thus are very much suitable to be used in where there is application of temperatures and electricity.Rubber unlike metal washers, is light in weight to and do not increase the appliance weight. Rubber washers are non- abrasive making it scratch free.

Where to avoid rubber washers

Rubber washers are not ideal for application everywhere. If the application involves use of corrosive or harsh chemical substances, abstain from the use of rubber washers. Rubber washers might act negatively with some substances or liquid. Rubber washers should be avoided if there is high heating because it might result in melting of the hardware. Washers which are exposed to heat and humidity must be inspected regularly and replaced as per the requirements.

There exist many rubber washer suppliers out there but the best are the ones which use the high-quality rubber. There are numerous advantages of rubber washers for many applications. So, rely on your rubber washer supplier and enjoy long service.