Reasons why every company should be bookkeeping

Bookkeeping means keeping note of the details of the expenses, income, the profits and the losses. This is a very important thing to do in an organization, no matter how small your company is. However, if you have a business incorporation then bookkeeping services firm singapore becomes very important and you are compiled to keep note of the details for your stockholders.

An important requirement in the case of taxation

Every company in the duration of one year have to be prepared with the taxes that they have to pay to the government. However, to do so they have to present a balance sheet including the profits and losses documents. If the bookkeeping is not done, it is not possible to look for the entire documents that might be misplaced or may not be remembered at that exact moment. It is therefore important to have bookkeeping services firm singapore.

A clear picture to the investors

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Keeping the investors and the stockholder informed about the profits and the losses are the most efficient way to get more shares and increase the revenue. A clear picture makes the stockholder have confidence in the company for the clear calculations. It’s the figures that the people trusts and want to put their money on.

Having a better picture of the organization

The bookkeeping keep is the only go-to options when you want to look for the statistics of the ups and downs of the company. Looking into the past helps to decide the future following an algorithm. It helps to reduce unneeded cost and helps to invest money where it’s needed the most. It also shows how good your organization is going and where they are lacking.


Bookkeeping the efficient way through which you view the entire organization’s figures in a go. Hence, if you have not started bookkeeping do it as soon as possible.