Pleading Guilty – Why Do You Need A Lawyer?

If you decided to plead guilty, do you need a lawyer? This is one of the most common concerns of individuals who have been charged with criminal offence. Since the police have the evidences that are enough to charge them, they think that pleading guilty is the right choice. And worst, they feel that they don’t need a lawyer anymore.

According to the criminal lawyer Sydney, if you have made up your mind and decided to plead guilty, it is important that you talk to your lawyer first because there are still reasons why you need to hire an experienced solicitor in these cases. They can help you identify everything that matters in your case and also mitigate the severity of your sentence. In addition to that, there are certain things that your lawyer knows that can be applied to your case.

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Important Reasons Why You Need A Lawyer

Before you think of pleading guilty, it is important that you need to talk to your lawyer first. You should look for the best criminal lawyers, and Brigitte Simeonides & Associates – CBD and Suburban Sydney Criminal Lawyers are the best when it comes to facing criminal offences.

  • Sentences Are Not Always Equal. After talking to your lawyer and finally deciding that pleading guilty is the best choice, your lawyer will then negotiate a “plea agreement.” This is where the skills of your lawyer will be put to test. This is the time that your solicitors’ experience will be important when it comes to thoroughly reviewing your case and the strengths of the evidence, communicate with prosecution for a fair offer, do the negotiations, and make sure that the agreement is fair and just.
  • Charges Are Not All Equal. Even if you want to admit that everything is your fault, your experienced lawyer can give you the best advice on how the law applies to the uniqueness of your case. Facts that you might not know of can have a great influence when it comes to the charges that only your lawyer understands when it comes to the differences.
  • Proofs, Suppressions, And Your Rights. For criminal charges, only a lawyer would be able to answer any important question when it comes to legal details. There may be cases where issues were not reviewed correctly that your lawyer would be able to identify.

When it comes to criminal charges, always remember that possibilities are limitless. Do not rush into making the wrong decisions by pleading guilty without giving your lawyer the chance to thoroughly review your case first.