Items to Consider when Revamping your Website

Website Before

Ok so you’ve got a website. You put here the basics as to what your business is all about, your products and services and your location. So you also bought a domain where the supposed to be clients can have easy access to. You’ve got a site and a domain. Virtually you’ve got a complete and running site right there. However, the question is, are they really accessing your site? Is your site attractive or informative enough that the conversion is clear? Is your job done?

Website Indicators

Website Indicators

There are many site indicators that will help you gauge just how effective your website is. Here are a few:

  1. Website visitors.

This refers to the total number of visitors to your site. With these figures, you can be able to assess the loads your website has to endure and also forecast trends.

  1. Website conversion.

This refers to the number of individuals who would be buying or availing of your products or services. Your number of visitors to your site would be high however, if it is not generating any revenue at all or out of the thousands of visitors no one is buying, then it means your site is not effective at all.

  1. Website quality.

This refers to your site’s varied aspects such as content, performance, interface and more. Make sure that it is user-friendly and even easier to navigate.

Website Assessment

Knowing the indicators would greatly help as to what is the health status of your site and your conversion. Having a good site is just half of your workload. The site must be able to convert too so you can be able to gauge how effective your site is. Hence, it is imperative that you get to focus on website quality so that the number of visitors and hence the number of conversion would increase.

Website Quality

As previously stated, the website quality can be dictated in terms of content, performance, interface and more. For this one, we would be highlighting the three important aspects that can make or break your site. Even more, these can be your basis in revamping your site!

  1. Website content.

Individuals would visit your site if they know they can learn something new or a thing or two. It is important that more than stating what your site is, it is imperative that you get to inject knowledge by creating fresh posts every day. That alone can guarantee unique visitors on a daily basis.

Website performance

  1. Website performance.

How efficient your site is when it loads? As much as possible, your site must load in an instant. Consider optimizing and compressing images that takes up much space. Your users would not want to wait minutes for your site to load. They might press that little x above the window if it does.

  1. Website interface.

Even if you have fresh content and performance wise it is fast but if it is covered in a bad interface, then your site would still be crap. As much as possible invest in good quality design that is user friendly and appealing to the eyes. Consider what your users would see and how they would interact with it.

Website design is crucial in any site. Hence, leave this part to web design agency experts. You would want your potential customers to stick to your site and go back right? Good site design is a great factor that can dictate such. There are already free design quotes available that you might want to check out from them.