How to Know If You Are Scammed in Online Dating

Online dating is a thing these days. It makes the searching of a partner or love easier and more convenient. Online dating communicates through chat. Chatting is the beginning of a relationship. This is the reason why many people consider it.  If the experience is good, they can foster the relationship and see where it goes.

There are people who have unfortunate experiences with online chatting and dating. It is for this reason that you have to be aware of the perils of online dating. Online predators, identity thieves, and scammers are present. They are ready to take advantage of those who are weak and innocent. If you do not want to be a victim, here are the signs that you should look for:

perils of online dating


They will try to convince you to get off the website

For the first few days, it is normal to communicate within the website. After that, it is acceptable if they try to steer you away from the website. However, if they try to get your personal email so they can message you outside of the website as soon as you start chatting, that is a warning sign.  You have to know that this is the classic behavior of scammer.

They send template messages

It is important that at the onset you feel that someone is interested. If you receive a template message, it means two things – they are lazy or you are being scammed. There is nothing good that can come out from it. With this, you have to be wary of the messages they send you. If the messages are all too generic, you should be warned.

They are absurdly romantic

If at the onset you felt that someone is absurdly romantic, it is kind of red flag. In normal relationships, you do not get too sweet and romantic few minutes after meeting a person. If the person is overdoing being sweet and romantic, you should be alarmed. Scammers will make things emotional for you. As soon as you melt, they will use it against you. Do not let them play with your emotions.

Their English is poor

If the person claims that they are Caucasian but their English is off, it should give you a sense that they are not telling the truth. Subtle things like this can make a difference at the end of the day. If English is not their strong point but they claim they are, it is clearly a sign of a scam. However, if they openly admit that they are not English, the grammar errors make sense. At the end of the day, you have to study closely.

They avoid meetups

Scammers are based overseas. This is the reason why they can’t meet you for an actual date. There is nothing wrong with this but if they openly claim that they are from around but they constantly dodge meeting you, this is a clear sign that that person is scamming you.

They often ask for money

Scammers spend time gaining your trust to constantly ask for money. They will always have an excuse to ask money. When you are in too deep, you won’t realize what they are doing.