How to Choose the Perfect Changing Table

With your baby going through numerous diaper change in a day, it just makes sense that you will want to decide on the perfect changing table suited to your needs. Depending on your finances and available space, you have a wide array of practical and stylish changing table you can choose from.

Others may opt to basically change diapers on the floor or on the bed, however, bear in mind that this furniture will be a great investment that you can possibly use in years to come. While there are several options you can explore such as dresser and changing table, play yard with a changing table insert, or a changing table with drawers, however, before you hand in your top dollar take a look at the following factors in choosing your changing table:

changing table with drawers

Availability of safety rails

Though guard rails are normal on changing tables, however, there are dresser changing types of furnitures without this crucial feature. Ideally, safety rails should be approximately two inches high on all sides of the table.

Aside from this, see to it that the changing table you are selecting has firm guardrails. For future upkeep, make sure to regularly monitor rails for wear and tear.

Durability of changing legs

Since most of the time diaper changing is a struggling process, make sure to examine that the changing table you are eyeing has a stable and strong base, plus durable legs.

While shopping for the right one, you can test it by shaking the table. If the legs look wobbly, then move on to another model.

Changing pad features

The market offers a variety of changing pads from the standard ones, disposable, travel pads, and changing kits. Besides that, you likewise may choose between curved and flat surface changing pads.

On a side note, opting for contoured pads with safety fasteners will guarantee you that your baby will stay in the center of the pad despite how much your little one struggles.

Multipurpose function

For practicality purposes, essentials such as diapers, creams, hand sanitizers, and wipes must be easy to reach in your changing table. With that said, changing table with drawers is an immense advantage when it comes to diaper duty. A changing station that offers drawers, shelves, and compartments will make sure that everything is handy to you and you will not leave your baby on the table to search for something.

More than that, once your baby graduates from diapers it is still possible to use these drawers for blankets, toys, and other items of your kid.