How Can Alcohol Get You In A Criminal Case?

Alcohol is a major reason for so many criminal cases across the world. There are various types of criminal cases that can be levied but there are mainly four types that are more prevalent. The punishment for alcohol-related crimes ranges from a small fine to life imprisonment. There are specialized criminal lawyers Sydney available to defend alcohol-related criminal cases. If you are in the habit of having alcohol often, you should know the crimes associated.

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Open Container Law –

There are various state and local laws prevalent according to which presence of bottles, cans, and unsealed containers of alcoholic beverages in public places and automobiles is a crime and the person who keeps in there is liable to criminal charges as per the laws of the state. Therefore, one needs to know the local laws before travelling with alcoholic beverages and having them in public.

Public Intoxication –

This is a common alcohol-related crime whereby a person who is intoxicated by the consumption of alcohol shows disturbing behaviour in the public. Anyone in the public who feels threated by your intoxicated state can report to the police and a criminal charge will be levied against you. A few witnesses and your blood sample are enough to prove your guilt and the extent of the punishment depends on how strong the evidence produced and the competence of criminal lawyers Sydney that you have appointed.

Minor In Possession –

If a minor is found to possess alcohol, he is liable to criminal charges along with the others who were found near him. If the minor is found to consume alcohol, the case can get worse and the person who sold him that or the person who gave him that can be associated with the case and get punished for the same.

Drink and Drive –

The drink and drive is the most popular alcohol-related criminal case that can be found in every country. A person is liable to be tested anytime while driving and if he is found to have consumed alcohol and driving, he can be imprisoned and fined. In case there is any breakage of traffic rules and other mishaps, things can get worse as every state wants to set an example by punishing such people.