HOLIDAYS: Why do we love the beach and its sticky sand?

Why do we like the beach? Why this massive attraction when the water is first cold and the sand sticks? We will try to find out these answers in this article. GHM Hotels has muscat beach resorts for you to enjoy your holidays.

A landscape that hypnosis us

Holidays are the art of meeting the limit. A limit that must be visited and reviewed, but few exceed. Contemplating the limit is what puts the mind on vacation, on vacation of its own usual and mechanical occupations. To contemplate the sea is the consciousness of something for nothing.

Certainly, but “the free man” exists in front of this mobile and noisy spectacle, in these hours of beach that pass, like the sun that goes, the rising tide and the color of our skin that we do not see change? It is more or less voluntarily that we see the sea, more or less consciously as we listen to it. The sea is not a painting that we perceive carefully, but a landscape that hypnoses us, just like the fire in the fireplace.

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A way to test your limits

Why are we looking at the sea? Our gaze bathes in the unconscious of a questioning, without knowing which one. Are we looking for something? What is there under all this water and beyond this horizon? This superficial water for the view but of which we know the depth. This line well defined before our eyes but of which we know the infinite.

A world of borders without a particular morality. To frustrated metaphysics. At the beach, people stay on the sand. Most dive their feet in the water. We are a few to bathe, and a handful – in the eyes of the population that pours on the coast – to go swimming, to yellow buoys, to put the head underwater, to dive under the other world. To dive into our soul? Rather disappear a moment from the ordinary world to test another limit, that of our breathing. The absence of oxygen always brings us back to the surface and then to the towel. Then at home.

The reminders to the order of the sea

Below the limit, other factors remind us that, if the freeman cherishes the sea, the sea is not his natural environment. The cold, fatigue, the wave that can make us drift, jellyfish, seaweed, the teeth of the sea, the time of the snack are reminders to the order. And the order is among his people.