One might have a shadowy notion of what an ip address is. But not many of us care to dig a little deeper into the concept. This is something only techies care to look into. But in today’s times, when anyone and everyone is glued online, it becomes highly relevant to know the concept of ip address and different types of ip addresses. Many of you might know that ip addresses are used to locate digital devices. But not many of us have tried to know it further.

Different types of ip addresses:

When we talk about different types of ip addresses, the major ones are the external and the local ip. Though both serve the same purpose, they differ in scope. External IP addresses are used across the entire internet to locate computer systems and other digital devices whereas a local ip address is used inside a private network to locate devices connected to it.

ip addresses

Who assigns the ip address?

The external ip address is assigned by your Internet Service Provider when you connect to the internet. Local ip address is assigned when the computer is connected to a router with default setting. The router assigns the local ip address to your computer. The local ip address is not permanent and can change depending on the device it is connected to.

What is my local ip?

There are a number of reasons for which one should need to know the local ip address. One may easily find the local ip address using the cmd applications for Windows. Once you click on it, a command line window will open where you have to type ipconfig and type enter. Wait for the response and look for ipv4 address in it. The number across from that text is your local ip address. This is the easiest and fastest ways to find the local ip address in your Windows device.

Know your ip address and use it to change your router configuration whenever you feel the need to change it.  Time to wake up the techie in you.