Different Types of Probate Lawyers

Back in the days, you could hire a lawyer for legal matters without thinking much. With the advancement and specialization of studies, attorneys have also become specialized. So, if you want a probate lawyer, you can’t hire a business a lawyer. Similarly, a probate lawyer won’t be able to handle your business and criminal issues. There are basically two types of probate lawyers. These are,

  • Transactional
  • Probate Litigators

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estate executor

Transactional lawyers are experts in handling estate-related transactions. These lawyers submit the last will and death certificate. If there is no will, transactional probate lawyers are tasked with appointing an estate executor. They will also deal with all the tasks related to the settlement of an estate.

Probate Litigators handle wills related to a family when there is a conflict in the will or amongst the heirs. If after the death of a person, his heirs are not satisfied or raise issues with the will, a probate litigator is hired in order to settle the dispute. Also if the descendants sue the estate during the probate process, a probate lawyer may be hired for defense.

While probate attorneys can be classified in this manner, some probate lawyers handle both cases. If you are looking to hire a probate attorney, make sure to do your homework properly. Interview different attorneys for their opinions, view website, look for reviews online, ask for recommendations from people and surrounding and interview people who have already hired a probate attorney before. In this way, you will get a good idea about who and what you need.
The probate estate is a complicated area and you can never know what complication may arise while dealing with it. It is always best to have a good attorney at your side who knows the ins and outs of the matter so that things can be settled in your favor.