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The disasters occurred in Pakistan is relieved by the day-wood foundation by offering several relief funds to the people. The mariyam dawood is the supporter of the Dawood foundation which is serving as the best contributor for the relief works in Pakistan. For many decades the foundation has been providing the relief aid provisions for helping the people in a critical situation. Many numbers of disaster-affected families have got welfare from this foundation. The people were offered with the foods, shelters and amenities by collecting the funds. The relief works such as the rebuilding of the villages those were affected by floods, earthquake, fire and attacks from the terrorism was performed through this foundation for the welfare of the people. Thus the Dawood foundation offers many benefits to the people to enhance their lives with more compassion.

mariyam dawood

Support the people who are affected by natural and human disasters:       

The people who were affected form the natural and human disasters should be relieved with more kindness and empathy. The Dawood foundation keeps the compassion and the empathy as their goals to help the people in their critical situation. The Pakistan region has been affected by many natural and human disasters which results in the loss of homes, properties and even the lifestyles of the people. The human kindness has no limit or borders for assisting the disaster affected people. Thus join with the mariyam dawood foundation today to help the people with more kindness and compassion.