Best knife in Japanese kitchen for perfect slicing

Japanese kitchen has its own kitchen gadget to provide delicious food varieties. All the culinary gadgets in Japanese kitchen are particularly meant for destined dish. One among those gadgets is the knife. Yanagi is the all purpose knife with round edge. This blade is perfect for home cooking with its shorter and thinner design. Yanagi has the meaning of three virtues which mean it can be used to slice meat, fish and vegetables. To make a delicious food, it is versatile to have the most popular chef knife. Yanagi is one among the most frequently used knife. Best and delicious food can be prepared with wholesome ingredients using best tool to make it more special. With this handcrafted knife, you can slice, dice and chop fresh ingredients to carve a tasty food straight from the oven. It is more functional and useful with the wide range of access.


  • There is wide range of knife brands and Yoshihiro is one among those. Thus features of Yoshihiro VG-10 are
  • This knife can be used to slice, dice and chop fresh products like fish, meat and vegetables.
  • VG-10 stainless steel core is used with this knife to provide sharper edge and ease of access.
  • The layers are made of soft stain resistant steel and high carbon content to provide high durability.
  • Its handle is hand crafted and that allows for an overall light weight of about 4 ounces.
  • It is skilled by every chef in Japan and is approved by NSF.

Thus VG-10 is a chef knife forged with western style curve blade. This chops quicker with its extended smooth back and forth rocking. This is designed with 16 layers of steel along VG-10 core. Thus, Yoshihiro VG-10 – The Professional Choice is the most recommended knife for traditional cooking. As this knife is the choice of every chef, they are carved with well defined ratio. This unique kind of knife is designed for every user and it does not include any particular features for handling. Use a professional knife to cook a delicious and mouth watery Japanese dishes.