A Review of Doctor Brown’s Feeding Bottles

Bottle feeding the baby is an important phase in the life of every new mom and can be quiet an overwhelming experience. It includes a lot of research to be done in terms of the brands that are available, various types of bottles and the nipples. Some babies may not be fussy about the bottles and their make while some might develop liking towards a particular type of bottle and nipple. While buying it is important to keep in mind a few things like for starters the material of the bottle. Generally these are made up of glass, plastic, silicone and stainless steel. Next is the bottle shape, one must ensure that it is easier for the baby to hold the bottle. Then we have the nipple which makes for an important aspect of the bottle. These are generally made from latex or silicone and one must ensure that it has the capability of regulating the milk flow. One of the widely recommended feeding bottles by the doctors worldwide is Dr Browns Fles designed by the renowned American doctor Craig Borwn. There are demos to do things right and those videos and reviews from other parents will prove handy while you are dealing with your own.

feeding bottle

Features of the bottle

The feeding bottle is considered to be the only bottle in the world with a patented valve system. Mechanism of the bottle has been scientifically proven to contribute to the health of the babies. When you feed the baby there is no vacuum developed inside and hence there are no air bubbles. The bottle is highly recommended by doctors around the world for babies having gas trouble. When the baby sucks down milk there is a certain amount of air that enters there system causing gas. Feeding with Dr Browns Fles   the baby does not ingest any air bubble and hence there is no question of discomfort. Due to the unique design of the bottle it vents the air way from the nipple back to the bottle. This reduces the fuel splattering to a great extent thus preventing middle ear infections in babies.

Since there is no air trapped inside the bottle there is no oxidation taking place of the vitamins and lipids present in the milk. Maintaining the essential nutrients contributes to the health and growth of the baby. The whole process of feeding form these bottles are somewhat similar to the breast feeding experience. This keeps the baby relaxed and comfortable and also makes the transition from breastfeeding to bottle easier for the baby. Another important advantage of using Dr Brown’s feeding bottles is that they come with two nipple options giving you the leverage of adjusting according to the needs of your baby. The level 1 nipple is used for slower flow while the level 2 nipple allows for a little faster flow. Apart from these the bottles are also known to be BPA free,         lead free and dishwasher safe. The bottom line is that these bottles are ideal for babies and their moms in more than one way.